Aura Wellness Spa at was established in Nov 2008.
Our motto is “spa for everyone” and we make professional spa services affordable for everyone.

AURA means field of luminous energy surrounding a person. Aura Wellness Spa™ endeavors to awaken the energy of astral body and calm your mind towards peace, tranquility and beauty inside-out.

Aura Wellness Spa™ focuses on authentic tropical spa therapies inspired from Nusantara beauty cultures. Nusantara is a Sanskrit word that refers to islands from Southeast Asian Archipelago in between Indian and Pacific Ocean covering Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and ect.

Nusantara beauty therapies are unique treatments inspired by mixture of Malay, Javanese & Balinese beauty cultures which has evolved since the rule of King Gajah Mada in 1336, a powerful ruler of the Majapahit Empire. Therefore, Nusantara beauty cultures is said to have evolved through a metamorphosis of ayurveda treatments originated from India. It’s a beautiful marriage of beauty cultures from different continents and different cultures that has been passed down from one generation to another surviving the clutches of time and history.

Aura Wellness Spa™ decodes the beauty secrets of Nusantara and revives the unique traditional beauty traditions in a modern day spa environment. We complement our spa therapies with time proven and tested ancient beauty recipe using Rainforest spices and herbs that are free from toxic chemicals, artificial coloring, synthetic fragrance and chemical preservatives.

Why we are different than other spas

We take natural and holistic spa business seriously. Our main product is bridal spa and post natal spa treatments. We go extra length to give you an unique experience such as using banana leaf (which is not easy to get or to keep) for body wrap to give a good moisturizing and waxing effect for the body.

Our bridal spa treatments are essentially very traditional without much use of modern products or pre-formulated creams. For example, for our body scrub, we use herbs mixed with water for application through out the body.

For milk bath, we use real fresh cow's milk and not the synthetic milk even though synthetic milk is cheaper. Some guest complain our bath tub water is not as white as other spas (as we use real milk) but we know what is good for you and we don't mind entertaining such complaints.

Another complaint we receive often from our guest is why our massage oil is very sticky and not much aromatic smell like other spas. Well, the reason is here we use only food grade massage oils (not cosmetic grade) such as mixture of olive, clove and sunflower oil. We don't use baby oil for massage which is derived from petroleum by product which is un -healthy for skin. (baby oil is like a car diesel which is non-sticky on body, odorless, cheap and can be mixed with low grade aroma oils for better smell).

Don't experience it. Practice Spa is our motto

At Aura Wellness Spa, we had spelled a simple mantra in keeping the overheads low while maintaining a clean and cozy environment which are soothing the eyes and calming the minds. 70% of our spa treatments are priced within the range of from RM100 to RM150. We emphasis quality and guest satisfaction a lot. We have a guest evaluation system in place to collect a guest feedback for each and every treatment to gauge the satisfaction level.

Each guest pay as you go and if you like it you can become our member to enjoy even a lower pricing so that you can practice spa for good finally. Aura Wellness Spa = Affordability + Luxury + Satisfaction. You know its a difficult equation to keep the balance in practice but we are doing it and will continue to do so. Our facilities provide all the amenities you could hope for, including private VIP rooms with furniture, comfortable massage beds, private showers and elegant lounge.

Our highly trained and hand picked therapist specialize in treatment that can be therapeutic, relaxing, sensual or de-stressing depending on your needs.

We use quality natural and organic ingredients in the massage therapies and body treatments and using only a professional spa product series..

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